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It is a known fact that an engine’s fuel consumption increases as it ages; this is a result of wear of the fuel system and the engine. This wear reduces the engine’s capacity, as a result of which more throttle is required to achieve the same performance. By removing a significant amount of wear particles from the engine oil and fuel, the ageing

process is slowed down dramatically. As a result, both the lubrication of the engine and the reaction time in the fuel system remain in optimal condition. This also means optimal fuel consumption is achieved.

 cleanliness requirements of the fuel. Particles in the fuel cause excessive wear, a limited life-time and an increase in injection system failures. The contamination levels of standard fuel increase the need for an effective filter even more.

The ALD fuel filters are installed directly in the main circuit, preferably directly after the standard fuel filters.

To be assured of optimal filtration, the fuel system needs to be fitted with a proper water separator. The ATFD/ALD

fuel filters are equipped with an internal bypass, thereby ensuring an unrestricted flow of fuel through the entire fuel

system under all circumstances.

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Ultra efficient fuel filter

The introduction of common rail diesel injection systems, with extremely high injection pressures and sensitive components, has led to higher