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80% of hydraulic failures due to contamination in fluid

Hydraulic fluid contamination leads to inefficiencies in equipment and increased downtime. Metals, dust particles, sand and rubber contaminants from industrial environments all affect the performance of equipment. The smallest particles (2 to 5 microns) do the most damage. Standard filters which are used in common hydraulic systems do not remove these small particles.

The majority of solid particles contamination hydraulic oils are in the 2 to 5 micron range. Standard filters are not able to remove these particles. As a result they damage expensive hydraulic parts like cylinders, valves and pumps.

NTF filters are installed in bypass and filter an average of 10% per minute from the full flow. Because of the lower flow rate, the bypass system can be more restrictive, and the filters are able to remove 99% of the very smallest of particles.

Proven result:

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