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NTF® Filter BV is leader in micro filtration technology, having worked in micro filtration for several decades. We develop each OE and aftermarket filter application to very exacting standards, based on vehicle performance requirements, usage and environment.

Ultra-high efficiency bypass micro filtration utilizes a secondary circuit that combines bypass and micro filtration. Micro filtration provides additional filtering efficiency to the primary filtering system. NTF® filtration system utilizes patented compression technology in combination with depth media to ensure the highest filtration efficiencies.The key to our superior filtration technology is in our filter element. The radial flow through the element offers a larger filtration surface area that prevents the channeling effect of filter elements design in a "honeycomb" style. This larger surface area holds more dirt and provides a more efficient filtering process.

How Does Micro Filtration Work?

While full fluid filtration is a common practice, ultra-high efficiency micro filtration is very successful at cleaning partial flow of fluid to a very high level at one time. Over a short period of time, all of the fluid reaches a superior cleanliness level. When applied to lubrication fluids for all types of machinery, including internal combustion engines, automatic transmissions or hydraulic systems, the NTF®  system improves fluid and system performance.

During the bypass process, an average of 1-2 liters/minute of fluid (vs.10-20 liters/minute in a full flow filter) passes through the filter, with no inline pressure drop and no need for a bypass valve. Because of the lower flow rate, the bypass system can be more restrictive, and able to remove a 99% of the very smallest particles in the fluid. Micro filtration results in superior fluid cleanliness for any lubrication or power transmission fluid system, including automatic transmission fluid (ATF), continuously variable transmission fluid (CVTF), dual clutch systems, engine oils, power steering fluids and hydraulic oils.

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