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Long term transmission performance

Typical automatic transmissions over the world are showing a general tendency. They are becoming more complex and advanced, demonstrated by the new technologies for continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and dual clutch transmissions. This tendency is a direct consequence of the higher requirements regarding life-time, shifting quality, efficiency and service intervals. These higher requirements have to be combined with the fact that the transmission

are contaminated by particles from the very first time the transmission is being used. Oil filters must be applied to meet the constant increasing demands regarding cleanliness level during life time in combination with a required capacity for retaining contamination. Also the clean-up speed,

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how quickly the transmission is being cleaned to the required cleanliness level after the first usage of the transmission, is very important for the expected life-time of certain transmission components. Thus, the main functions of the oil filter can be defined by:

These functions can only be realised by the application of the unique concept of NTF high efficiency micro filtration systems.